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authority to the laws of God Himself. I do not know a single bishop of Rome who can be reproached

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with vice.'[173] Evidently the prior, however eloquent he might be, was not learned in the histor

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y of the Church. =MONKISH DEPRAVITIES.= The visitation of the Canterbury monasteries began. The

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immorality of most of these houses was manifested by scandalous scenes, and gave rise to questions

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The Church of Christ h
Jan 11, 2014

which we are forced to suppress. The abominable vices that prevailed in them are mentioned by St.

as never erred. The
Aug 19, 2015

Paul in his description of the pagan corruptions.[174] The commissioners having taken their seats

laws which it makes ar
sep 11, 2014

in one of the halls of the Augustine monastery, all the monks came before them, some embarrassed,

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